Questions about how to integrate your new cat into your household? How to trap for TNR? Tips and tricks for foster parents? Check back here as we build our database of useful handouts and tools!

Help! I’ve Lost (or Found) a Pet!
Kitten Care
  • How to bottle feed a kitten – link to Kitten Lady (Hannah Shaw)’s website here
TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return)
  • TNR – Do you want to be a part of the solution? We are looking for trappers in the Pittsburgh area! Lend a couple hours of your time to help watch traps, offer a small portion of your home to assist in pre/post op recovery, and/or transport to/from spay/neuter appts… and help save lives! Apply here
  • How to trap for TNR – link to Kitten Lady (Hannah Shaw)’s video here (this is one of our most frequently shared videos!)
Socializing Shy or Fearful Cats
  • Link to Best Friends article here (this is one of our favorite resources!)
After Adoption, What Next?
  • Cat to Cat Introductions – American Humane link here
  • Cat to Dog Introductions – American Humane link here
FIP – Not a Death Sentence
  • SOCK FIP – Dr. Pedersen’s FIP research
  • The Atlantic FIP article (one of our favs if you like common-interest articles)
  • 2022 AAFP/EveryCat Feline Infectious Peritonitis Diagnosis Guidelines – read here (one of our faves if you like *science*)